Flower and Plant Works was originally known as Joan Elizabeth Florists, Runcorn

About Us

Everyone sells flowers these days, so how can you be sure you will get the best value for money when you spend? Well, let us tell you a little bit about the flower industry and share some hints and tips for ordering flowers….

Firstly, only buy your flowers from a real florist. Many flower websites are just an artistic front for an “order gatherer”. They just collect orders and pass them on to a local florist after first taking a hefty cut. You don’t get full value for money and the creative florist doesn’t get paid a fair price for their flowers. The only winner is the “order gatherer”. Instead, choose a real florist in a real shop.

How can you tell it’s a florist shop actually in the town you want? Firstly, look at the address to see if it is in the local area. See if there is an address or Head Office listed elsewhere and if the shop is only pretending to be a local florist as anyone can buy a local telephone number and pass themselves off as a local florist (this does happen and you will pay more if this is the case). Don't be fooled by a map of the town you have searched for. Check the florist is actually based in that town. Look for photographs of the shop, the team of florists and their delivery vehicle. A real florist will be proud to show you their own work rather than use catalogue photographs. We only use photos of our own work on this website so you can see what we can do!

Here we are in our shop in Runcorn.


A good florist should thrive and grow. If it does a good job for customers they will keep coming back. We’ve been established since 1981 - originally as Joan Elizabeth Florists and many of our customers have been loyal to us for all of this time. Only a top class florist like us can maintain both a successful high street floristry business and web business over this period of time by “doing it right”. Don’t just take our word for it; look at our testimonials page.

All our key staff are fully trained florists. Some of our staff have been with us for many years now and yet we all still undertake training to keep our skills up to date. If you buy from a supermarket or internet warehouse – be wary. Not all sellers are scrupulous and some will sell you dead flowers simply because the staff either don’t know or don’t care! Most supermarkets’ till operators have no floristry training at all and often cannot recognise dead or poor quality flowers – they simply scan them. You pay for their lack of training.

We buy our flowers independently, so every stem comes straight into the shop and is conditioned ready for use. We don’t have to store anything for days on end as we can buy on demand. And our flowers don’t spend extra time being transported between distribution depots and the store like some multiples and supermarkets do. The result – our flowers are already fresher when we deliver them for you.


So why else choose us?

Well, we make it easier for you. Use this website, or if you want to discuss your order in more detail, call 01928 575132 and a trained florist will take your call. You’ll never have to wait in a queue or choose from a list of switchboard options when you ring us! Online ordering is available 24 hours a day and the shop is open from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 1pm on Saturday, although we are usually in to take calls at either side of these hours.

If you need a delivery at a specific time for a special reason, again, call us. Our local deliveries are made at a time convenient to you. You won’t get that from any online order gatherer or a national call centre.

And if this still hasn’t convinced you, have a look at all our certificates and trophies. Our peers in the industry have awarded us the title of “UK Independent Flower Shop of the Year” (twice!). Our florists too are individual winners for their floristry skills and examination marks, and we regularly demonstrate our skills in training other florists at national level. That’s right, our florists are involved with the top UK colleges and Floristry Schools, training the next generation of UK florists!

This is our latest delivery vehicle.

So buy flowers with confidence from the Real Flower Experts. Top class flowers, individually created and arranged with style, at value for money prices, backed by a guarantee of satisfaction from the UK’s leading retail florist. Why risk going anywhere else?


Flower and Plant Works opened in 1981 when it was first known as Joan Elizabeth Florists. In 2001 the name was changed to Flower and Plant Works.  We have traded here at 55 Church Street, Runcorn the whole time and will be celebrating 40 years of fabulous flowers and happy customers later in the year.

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