Do you charge for delivery?

Yes. We employ a team of delivery drivers and deliver in our shop van so you get the right flowers, delivered on time, and in perfect condition. As you know, there is really no such thing as a free delivery as there are costs involved providing this service. Anyone who doesn’t charge for the delivery separately has just built these charges into the price and so everyone pays more regardless of whether they collect or have their flowers delivered.


Are you open / can you deliver on Sunday?

We currently do not open on Sundays, unless it is Mothering Sunday, or if Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Bank holidays and any days we are closed are shown on our Google listing and when you order online on the calendar for choosing your delivery or collection day. If you are not sure – give us a call and we will confirm if and when we are open.


Can you do a same day delivery?

Yes. If you order before 2pm Weekdays or before 11am on Saturday (as we close at 1pm)

However – if you require a special order it is often better to give a few days notice so we definitely have the flowers in stock for you.


What time will the flowers be delivered at?

Usually our drivers work from 10am – 12noon so we try to get as many of the gift orders out during this time. Same day deliveries may go later in the day – sometimes on the florist's way home (after 4pm when the shop has closed), especially if we are busy or short staffed. If you need the flowers by a specific time, please phone the shop and give as much notice as possible. Obviously funeral deliveries will take priority, especially if the service is early in the day.We usually deliver at least one hour before a funeral service or earlier if travelling a long distance.


Why do you ask for the phone number of the recipient?

We ask you for the phone number at the delivery address so we can ensure the delivery can be made. We don’t ring in advance and “spoil the surprise”. However most people are receiving flowers are not expecting us to call. By having the home phone number we can phone if the door isn’t answered. If you give a mobile number we can speak to the recipient if they are out and organise to re-deliver or leave the flowers with a neighbour or in a safe place.


Do you leave flowers on the doorstep?

No, not unless you, or the recipient, have specifically asked us to! If there is no one at home we will phone and check with the recipient and ask what they prefer. Ideally we will ensure personal delivery is made. If not we would leave the flowers with a neighbour as first choice. If that is not possible, the flowers can be returned to the shop and redelivery made when they are home. If you ask us to leave the flowers on the doorstep there is a risk they may be stolen or damaged. Flowers require delicate treatment and don’t like to be left outside for any length of time especially in cold, hot or wet weather.

Can I send your flowers to London (or anywhere in the UK)?

We only deliver to the areas shown on the delivery map. Outside of this area we use a network of partner florists who will deliver for you. The range of products will not be the same as those shown on our web shop but we can ask for a similar design where possible. Phone the shop for more information and current prices for this service. We do not send flowers from our shop in a box as they often get damaged by couriers.


Can I send flowers to a different country?

Yes. Again we use a network of partner florists across the world. It may take a few more days notice to get the flowers sent due to time differences and the procedure involved getting the order to the nearest florist. Please phone for more information.


Can I order my favourite flowers at any time of the year?

Not always – some flowers have specific seasonal availability and are at their best at certain months of the year. For example Tulips are spring flowers, so their season is usually from December through until March, Peonies are early summer flowers and available in late May and early June. Flowers such as Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums are available all year round from commercial suppliers. If you want something special please phone a week before you need them so we can check availability and prices for you.


I would like to order 12, 18, 21, 40 or 50 roses – will you have them in stock?

Not always, it is always best to order in advance if you require a set number of flowers – ideally a week before, but a minimum of 3 days to guarantee getting them in for you. If you need something today – ring early and we will see if they can be ordered for a delivery later in the day. This depending on the stock levels in the shop and at our wholesalers and if there are delivery slots available.


How long in advance do I need to order funeral flowers?

Ideally place the order as soon as you know the funeral date. We can make some tributes at short notice but for special designs we may need to order specific flowers or bases to make the tribute. We do keep a large stock of basic frames at the shop but some flowers need time to open and be at their best for the funeral service. This can take up to a week for flowers to open fully. You can always phone and make a provisional booking that can be confirmed once the service is organised.


Can I collect funeral tributes?

Yes of course you can. But please be mindful that some of the tributes are quite big and they cannot be stacked! Local delivery to the undertakers in Runcorn is just £4.99 so for peace of mind it is sometimes better to have them delivered rather than risk them getting damaged in your car. Small tributes can be boxed to travel – just make sure you tell us that you are taking them on somewhere when you order.


Can you make me a special tribute in the shape of a favourite item?

Yes. See our page of specialist tributes on the Website or on our Facebook page – Funeral Flowers Runcorn for examples of our past work. You will need to phone or call in to discuss the specific tribute and give plenty of notice for this service.


I would like to order letters in a specific name tribute – when do I need to order this?

MUM, DAD and NAN frames are kept in stock but we need time to order the flowers in and have them open to make a special tribute for you. Ideally 1 weeks notice is best, but ring if you require something sooner. Individual letters of the alphabet need to be ordered in specially and attached to a frame to spell out the name or word you require. This will require a minimum of 1 weeks notice to guarantee they available for you. Please phone to discuss your order at the soonest possible time.


When should I order my wedding or partnership ceremony flowers?

Ideally one year in advance. This ensures the flowers you are looking to have are available at the right time of year. It is difficult to predict flower prices more than 1 year before the wedding day. At present – we are not taking any new wedding or partnership ceremony orders until they are permitted to go ahead. We have several couples who are waiting to re-book from 2020 cancelled dates and they have precedence over any new bookings.


Are wedding and partnership flowers available on any date?

Not always. Some dates may be already booked in our diary and so we cannot take additional bookings. We also do not accept wedding or partnership bookings on the days just before or just after our peak times: Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter. Also we are closed on Bank Holidays and Sundays. Please use the contact form on our website to request your date and check our availability.